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Wooden fencing at Llangunnor Church.

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Wooden fencing at Llangunnor Church,Carmarthen.We were commissioned to extend the graveyard which involved removing a hedgeline of trees and replacing it with a wooden post and rail fence as the graveyard had become overcrowded.The first phase was done in the spring and is on a previous blog on this website.This is the final phase and the wooden fence had to be measured accurately making room for a gate at the top of the graveyard,the reason for this is that the gravediggers can get in to dig out the new graves.

It has opened up the graveyard and has provided a lot more space to use.It took us three days to complete the works and the ground was shale and stone and took a lot of sweat and tears to dig out for the posts,we then nailed the rails to the posts and put a layer of stock wire on the bottom to stop livestock from coming through the fence.

The church is very well maintained and we usually keep the grounds of the church and vicarage in good order as well.

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Overhanging trees on the boundary line.

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Overhanging trees on the boundary line.

This set of images shows the recent work we did on some overhanging trees on the boundary line of a house owned by the Church of Wales in Llandeilo.We were called out to assess the trees and it was agreed that the trees would be cut back and taken away from the boundary fence,both neighbours were in agreement of this.Tree Preservation Orders have to be checked before works can start,this can be done through the local council.

On the day of works,we had a treeclimber and two groundsmen on site to do the works,all the brash and wood was put in one of our trailers and taken away from the job.We made the site neat and tidy after the works were completed.

As a result both parties were extremely pleased with the works and will be using our services again,we have secured a contract with the Church of Wales for maintenance of their grounds as and when we are needed on any of their properties.

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