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New Graveyard for LLanfynydd Church

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New Graveyard at Llanfynydd church.

We were asked by the Church of Wales to clear an old garden at the back of the churchyard that the local school had the use of.The area had been used as a sensory garden for Llanfynydd local school and community.Due to the lack of burial space at Llanfynydd Churchyard,the church reclaimed the land for more graves to be made.

We cleared all the old planters,rubbish and chippings from the area ready to be levelled out for the turf to be laid.The chippings were used to raise the path that was already there which led up to this area from the main gate of the churchyard.We had to take all of this stuff out on wheelbarrows because there was no access for a mini digger.

Finally the turf could be laid for the strip of land to look presentable to the public ready for any graves to be dug out.It had to be turfed as it was November and grass seed would not grow to cover the soil until the springtime.