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Clearing grounds of a bungalow ready for it to be resold.

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We have been clearing grounds of this bungalow ready for it to be put on the for sale market.The hedges and bushes had not been touched in three years.We had to put three boys in to do all the work.

First of all the large hedge at the front of the property had to be trimmed and put back into shape,there was a lot of clearing up to do after this but it looked a lot better after it had been trimmed and cut.

The back hedge proved more difficult to do,it had been planted on a small bank behind the bungalow and balancing on a ladder was quite hair raising a few times,we managed it though and after clearing the brash and debris,this was the one that had the most sense of achievement.

The bushes in the driveway had been pretty in the border and after a trim it made the grounds and driveway look attractive to any potential buyers.Overall the grounds were cleared to a high standard and hopefully the bungalow will sell quickly.

Clearing the grounds and making kerb appeal will always help to sell any property and will be money well spent for the resale value.

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