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Conifer Hedge Extremely Overgrown for Two Years.

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Conifer Hedge Extremely Overgrown.

This hedge had been left to grow for the last two years and had gone completely out of control,both widthways and heightwise.Being left like this the homeowner would have had a big job on their hands,another thing is that you can lose quite a lot of your land if the  conifer hedge isn’t kept to a manageable size.

We had to climb up into the  conifer hedge and the width at the top as the photos show was about 6ft wide,this takes a lot of cutting and skill to keep yourself safe while crawling across the top to cut the height of the hedge,this is the only way to make sure it gets cut evenly.

A hedge cutter is used for the sides and the top,making sure not to cut back into the brown of the conifer hedge as then it will not grow again in these parts,plus cosmetically the hedge will not look at its best.

We had to take a large trailer and mulched all the cuttings up to get them in the trailer,there is usually two boys on the ground to make sure all the cuttings and sawdust are fully raked up and the ground is left as it is found.

This was a full days work but with very good results that the homeowner was pleased with!This makes us have a good sense of achievement and our aim is to always please the customer no matter what the circumstances.We are a small family business and customer satisfaction is extremely important.

If you would like your conife hedge trimmed and cut then please feel free to contact us at anytime at Dynevor Trees.